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Professional baseball player Marcel Ozunais left all for the St. Louis Cardinals of Major League Baseball (MLB). He made his debut in April 2013 and has convincingly shown that he’s a player who can’t be sidelined when it comes to who’s in MLB.

Here, you will get to know more about him through his biography, career stats, family life, and other things of interest we have collected about the pitcher.

Biography Of Marcell Ozuna

Marcel’s full name is Marcel Ozuna, Idelfonso is from the Dominican Republic. He was born on November 12, 1990 in Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic. He is obviously of Dominican nationality but belongs to an African ethnicity.

His family was then middle class, Marcel Ozuna grew up with his two sisters and a brother. Reports indicate that his father was a painter while their mother increased her husband’s earnings with her housekeeper. Baseball was no stranger to Ozuna, as Marcel Pablo Ozuna was the uncle of the former baseball player.

Marcel Ozuna sparked his interest in baseball, playing whenever time allowed. As he does so, he hones his batting and pitching skills aside from the rest of the pack. It wasn’t long before he noticed what was beyond the shores of his country.

He signed his first contract with the American baseball team based in Florida, Florida Marlin on February 15, 2008, as a non-draft free agent. He went on to play in his country’s summer league where he scored 79 points with 6 runs, 43 RBI and 8 SB in a total of 63 matches. With the start of 2009, Marcel started playing in the Gulf Coast Marlins League where he scored 313 times with 5 runs and 39 runs in 55 games.

At this time, it was only appropriate that the skill of Marcel Ozuna was rewarded in view of the progress of his career. He was promoted in 2012 to the A-Advanced baseball team, Jupiter, and the following year, the sharp hitter made his MLB debut at the Miami Marlins on April 30, 2013. Marcel Ozuna had regular playing time in 2014, playing 153 games, hitting 269 ​​games where he ran 23 home and 85 RBI. Come 2016, Marcel impressed a lot playing for the National League in the 2016 All-Star baseball game. He became the eighth player to make at least 35 league hits.

On December 14, 2017,it was traded with St. Louis Cardinals making way for Sandy Alcantara, Magnuris Sierra, Zach Galen and Daniel Castano to join the Marlins. Reports from January 2018 were that the deal was worth $9 million for a one-year contract.

In his young career, he has been honored with the following laurels; Silver Slugger Award (2017), All-Star (2016-017) and Golden Gloves Award (2017). As he continues to play, we expect him to bring him more trophies and awards.

Career Stats Of Marcell Ozuna

GP 722

AB 2,738

R 348

H 758

RBI 401

BB 208

And therefore 644

HR 106

Average 277

Marcel is one of the youngest players to quickly climb up the MLB career growth ladder. As he continues to improve his game, it is clear that his career stats will continue to improve.

marcell-ozuna-bio-wife-career-stats-and-other-details-about-him_2His Wife & Children

Marcel Ozuna has a happy married life, he is married to his longtime girlfriend Genesis Guzman, and their wedding took place in a private ceremony held in May 2017 in their native Dominican Republic.

Before their marriage, however, they already had three children. Their first daughter was born sometime in 2016, she had two sons earlier. One was born in 2014 while the other in 2015. Genesis is said to be taking care of her fourth child at the moment but the details of the baby have not been revealed.

Other Details About Him

His birth sign is Scorpio. 
The baseball player is reported to have a net worth of $1.2 million. 
He enjoys brand endorsements from the likes of Pepsi and Aquafina. 
Marcel Ozuna won his 24-year career in the minor leagues in 2012. 
Being a wealthy sportsman, he can have relatively anything he wants, when it comes to cars, his collection includes Land     Rover, Rolls-Royce, and black Cadillac SUVs. 
Marcel stands at 6 feet tall. 
Still his career is young, March Ozona for only two teams Miami Marlins (2013-2017) and St. Louis Cardinals (2018 to date).

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