Long Line of Tesla’s Waiting to Charge

A Pictures has gone viral that shows a long time of Tesla cars waiting to be charged up in Louisiana.
The pictures was not shot on Louisiana Ave. in Lafayette, as stated in the original post.As mentioned in the post’s comments section, this line of Tesla cars was waiting to charge off of I-210 in Lake Charles, near Exit 4.

Tesla’s Waiting to Charge Up in Louisiana

“I pulled over and asked the guy how long it takes to charge- he replied generally 30 min but these stations are running slow owing to demand so it’s over an hour each car,” Candance Metz writes in her post.

While this may not explain paying what you do at the gas pump, the delay and frustrations are also present for individuals who own electric vehicles.

Sure, not every charging station is thus congested, but there are queues and waits.

Here’s what some people had to say about the video below.

Now, here’s the video of the cars in line in Lake Charles as they await their turn to charge up.

Yesterday I was in Louisiana along I10. I stopped to get gas when I noticed a line of cars all waiting. Come to find out – it was a line of Tesla’s waiting their turn to charge up. Curious, I pulled over and asked the guy how long it took to charge- he said normally 30 min but these stations are running slow due to demand so it’s over an hour per car. Take a look at this line…. Each car is over an hour to charge. Hope those people have food and clothes – they may not make dinner.Tesla’s Waiting to Charge Up in Louisiana

May not make dinner’:

Video shows huge line of electric vehicles waiting to charge

A woman stopped for gas in Louisiana when she noticed a full charging station for electric vehicles across the street — but it was the long line of Teslas waiting for a turn that stood out to her.

“That is priceless,” Candace London Metz said in a video posted on Facebook. “Oh! It’s a double row now! Double row! Double row of people waiting to charge. No thanks. I’ll keep to my $5 gallon gas.”

Metz said she wondered why there was such a backup, so she pulled over and asked one man who was charging.

“He said normally 30 [minutes,] but these stations are running slow due to demand, so it’s over an hour per car,” Metz wrote in her post, which has gone viral with 90,000 shares.

Metz noted the number of cars and the time it would take to work through such a line.

Long Line Of Tesla’s Waiting To Charge Up
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Long Line of Tesla’s Waiting to Charge Up

“Hope those people have food and clothes. They may not make dinner,” she said.


Teslas can be seen looping around the perimeter of the Madonna Inn, with families waiting inside the running vehicles for a chance to recharge.

It will take roughly 20 minutes to charge a Model S Tesla at a Supercharger station, and 40 minutes to charge it to 80 percent.

According to Tesla’s website, drivers will have enough gasoline to complete their trip on 80 percent, but owners may achieve 100 percent in 75 minutes.

It’s unknown how long the car owners had to wait for a Supercharger, but the video’s owner stated that the station had recently received new equipment to assist with the rush of holiday tourists.Pictures Show Highly Long Line of Tesla’s Waiting to Charge Up in Louisiana

The video sparked a large debate, tallying 7,900 comments. Topics ranged from the high cost of electric vehicles, the inconveniences of charging, and the potential for fights to break out at charging stations depending on the length certain people choose to use a charging port.

“Before you know it, there will be arguments and fights in the parking lot over it — not to mention the congestion and gridlock it will create,” Denise Osenbaugh wrote.

A man who said he owns a Tesla pushed back, noting the rarity of such a video.

“You typically don’t have to stop to charge ever unless on trips,” Matt Lynch wrote. “This isn’t like its a daily thing. Plug in at your house.”Pictures Show Highly Long Line of Tesla’s Waiting to Charge Up in Louisiana

Amid soaring gas prices, the Biden administration is endorsing EVs. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has suggested that people would not have to worry about rising gas prices if they bought an EV.

Rep. Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, said Biden and Democrats are out of touch with the public.Pictures Show Highly Long Line of Tesla’s Waiting to Charge Up in Louisiana

“Now that they’ve made gas $5 a gallon, what do they do?” Jordan told Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Monday. “They tell us all to go buy a Tesla. I mean, this is how out of touch they are with normal Americans.”

Gas is currently averaging $4.29 per gallon in the United States — up roughly a dollar from last month. California holds the heftiest average at $5.78 per gallon.

Hundreds of Tesla owners in California were trapped in line for a backed-up charging station as thousands of vacationers drove across the country over the holiday weekend.

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A big line of Teslas waits for their turn at a Supercharger station in San Luis Obispo at 4.45pm on Thanksgiving day, according to footage in a film named ‘Tesla Energy Crisis.’

On the company’s website, Tesla’s Supercharger stations are referred to as the “world’s quickest charging network.”

‘Supercharger stations are strategically placed near attractive amenities like as restaurants, shops, and WiFi hotspots.

‘Each station has multiple Superchargers to get you back on the road quickly,’ according to the company.

Long Line of Tesla’s Waiting to Charge Up