In 2022, bags will contribute in the growth of colourful cosmetics like as glitter accents and ’80s makeup designs, as well as other interesting items such as washed out tints, wigs, and protective braids.And, since we don’t see one other nearly as frequently as we used to, major social media sites are already dictating beauty trends for 2022.
These beauty trends have taken off so far.

La vibra de los 80

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We’re all riding the ’90s wave, but Gen Z and Millennials are stepping back even into the’ 80s, when moms were testing out teen fashion trends. Those perms, the OTT shadow, and the curls? We are noticing that the appeal has returned for that time, and people are ready to make their adjustments.

Delineador pastel

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thestyleofmyparents is a major trend on TikTok where popular creators try to recreate beauty trends from their mother’s yearbook and wedding album. For inspiration, you can check out Katie Jane Hughes’ 80s looks and styles on Instagram. Danielle Marcan has also tested it on her TikTok channel.

Las pequeñas marcas lo hacen grande

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Pastel eyeliner has gained immense popularity in the past year with more and more people making the switch to this makeup routine to liven things up a bit.

By swapping out your black eyeliner with a pastel, for example, you add a new design touch. Also, just make sure to apply tons of mascara to blend it in. Check out @freshlengths who was spotted sporting amazing baby blue shades with mint.

You can match your dress to make it even better.

Small brands make it big

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that we have to “advocate for the local.” By supporting local businesses, we can help save countless jobs and ensure the economy stays strong even in tough times. The beauty industry has also been inspired by this, and we are witnessing more and more people buying from smaller brands like Uoma Beauty and Neighborhood Botanicals.

Maquillaje de ojos maximalista

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Maximalist eye makeup, While many people have gone for minimalism in makeup, others have decided that it is time to go all out. Since many people use less and less makeup, they have probably decided to make up for it with eye makeup. From sparkles of glitter to graphic eyeliner to rainbow eyeshadows, people are trying to overcome the negativity of the entire confinement situation. And it’s something one can try even after the pandemic is over as it would be great to show off all the amazing eye makeup.


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Wigs, The pandemic has impacted our lifestyle and it is impossible to go to the hairdresser due to the confinement. The solution. After trying cutting, braiding, and coloring as part of our hair maintenance for the past twelve months, it seems like the best way to experiment with colors and length is to try wigs.

Wigs come in all qualities and prices, so do a little research on the type you are looking for. If you find a good fit for your needs, feel free to spend a few more dollars as you can wear it for years. There are tons of options, including Dollhouse London, BeautyStack, and AP Wigs, to name a few. If you’re just trying to experiment with them, you can try Shein and Annabelle’s Wigs inexpensive and more colorful options. For tutorials, you can go to TikTok and watch videos from influencers like @nyane on how to place or cut them. So if you are someone who always wanted to try teal hair, maybe this is the best time.

Peinados protectores

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Protective hairstyles, The pandemic was worse in many ways, but it also gave a reason to slow down with our hairstyles and made us realize how important hair care and protection is. Now, everyone is looking for braids that require little maintenance and that look stunning without damaging the hair. Braids are often discouraged due to the amount of traction and pressure they apply to our scalp, causing damage to the hair. So now people tend to focus more on protective hairstyles that don’t damage the scalp and hair as much.

Knotless braids, for example, have seen a more than 150% increase in sales in recent months. “Bubble braids” similarly increased by 135%, while “wool braid styles” skyrocketed by 145%. You can see Shanell Khan trying out cool styling ideas with cans of Coke!

Uñas con estilo

Natural Beauty Trends
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Stylish nails, As is the case with our general makeup trends, nail styling has also seen new trends appear over the last year. On the one hand, there is the minimalism camp known as low-key, while the other side goes for bright and colorful styles. We are very excited about the colors. Try holographic nails and rainbow nails throughout the week.


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If Pinterest trends are to be believed, the era now belongs to skinimalism. People are ditching all heavy, thick foundations for more natural looking skin, allowing skin to breathe and glow more. The pandemic has rightly reminded people that taking care of a skincare routine is more important, and people seem to be going the extra mile to bring out that natural glow. You can expect to see beauty trends around skinimalism continue to dominate TikTok and Instagram for most of this year. To see tutorials and skincare routines, you can head to the Tiktok channels.